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One who plays games on a computer as a sport.
by Cactuar December 21, 2002
Corn on the cob.
Ye got any ROSTNAIRS??!!
by Cactuar May 08, 2003
A female that willingly stays with her mate while getting treated badly.
A whore.
*Boy Shelly sure is a Sneedville chick*
by Cactuar May 05, 2003
A person that everything they do appeals to someone else.
A person that is greatly admired by another.
Johnny is Jake`s Godmaster.
by Cactuar May 05, 2003
There is no abbeviation for how hard I am laughing.
<PandaMan> I love teh cawk!
<chumpman> You r teh ghey
by Cactuar June 11, 2003
(see snarf) The act of Hollywood laughing during driving his gargantuian,massivly heavy chevy truck and cracking up over a joke.
*Hea Hollywood,you can get some bitches in here and fuck em.* yeahahah blarf chuf-shaa=clu-barker snarf..
by Cactuar May 05, 2003
The act of repededly E-mailing someone the word *Snuff*
*I`ll snuff bomb ye*
by Cactuar May 05, 2003
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