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Idiotic behavior among college freshmen, usually in the form of egocentric rambling, that would lead us to believe that they know everything, if we didn't know better.
Is that guy STILL talking about the book he's writing on zen buddhism? He's so full of shit!!

Yeah, he's got a bad case of freshman hubris.
by c_papav March 23, 2011
Texts that come in one per nanosecond, leaving you feeling like you're under attack.
Machine Gun Texter (MGT): Hey. 4:20
MGT: Whatchya doin? 4:20
MGT: Wanna come over? 4:20
MGT: Scott is coming over. 4:20
MGT: Kurt too. 4:20
MGT: You should definitely come over. 4:20
You: Hey! Enough machine gun texts. 4:21
by c_papav January 14, 2015

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