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when two homos fuck in the ass and the taker runs to the bathroom and lets loose a messy dump
"Man, Leon and I did some extreme fucking last night to the point where I had a gaybortion!"
by cMoneygRip January 29, 2009
When a group of white kids attempt to form a rap group and perform horrifically
"Yo did you get a glimpse of that alabaster disaster that played at the youth center this weekend"
by cMoneygRip January 29, 2009
The act of intentionally driving through a huge puddle in order to soak an unsuspecting pedestrian sucker
"yo, check that simp standing at the bus stop right next to that swamp in front of him. He's all five deep in fuckin wit dat iPod that he don't even know he's gonna be a victim of puddleodomy".
by cMoneygRip February 16, 2009
A gauge system utilizing the fingers to deduce the width of a woman's gap between her legs...
"Wow!, I met this hottie at the club the other night, I woulda fucked her silly but she pulled a three on my gapometer"
by cMoneygRip January 30, 2009
When a Tranny receives a BADDDD clit job causing it to hang like a meat curtain... Also resembles a dolphins flipper.
"Man after all that bread Bradalika spent on 'her' sex change I can't believe he ended up with a piss flipper
by cMoneygRip January 30, 2009
An intrinsic meter that resides within a person enabling them to either control, or lose control of their weird, homo erotic urges against non-gay friends of the same sex.
"shit, I can't believe I let myself get pineconed by Huey again, he had me all wrapped up like a Jimmy Dean sandwich on the wrestling mat in his basement. He obviously couldn't control his urgemeter again"...
by cMoneygRip February 16, 2009

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