5 definitions by c0q_m1x3r

Abbreviated form of the racial slur, "nigger." However, "ngr," much like, "fgt," is an insult that does not actually disparage any minority group.
ngr plz

ngr dat shzl be w@ck
by c0q_m1x3r July 20, 2003
An abbreviated form of the word, "wigger," which itself is an abbreviation of, "white nigger."
wgr plz u r so nu
by c0q_m1x3r July 20, 2003
Shitty, popcore "rock" "music," performed by marginally talented "musicians," for the purposes of:

1) Propagating skewed and fundamentalist beliefs to the ignorant and uninitiated;

2) Making shitloads of money
Yuppie Christian apologist shitheads force their halftarded children to listen to jesus rock in lieu of spending time with them.
by c0q_m1x3r July 13, 2004
Behavior or actions that typify those of a ngr.
Dude, stealing TVs is so ngrsh.
by c0q_m1x3r July 20, 2003
wtf? fkn eh....
srsly doods, wtf?
by c0q_m1x3r November 18, 2003

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