2 definitions by byebyebanana

A short phrase people use to break silence.

A term used when chopping something.

A word used to show amazement or surprise.
" ............."

"Jacob, please cut the cheese on the kitchen counter."
"Ok... wokachow!!"

" SUPRISE!!! Happy Birthday Guillermo."
"Ai yai yaiii!! wokachow!"
by byebyebanana April 26, 2009
When someone has the origin of being japanese, black, and mexican.
When someone has super skill and nobody can live up to their awesomeness.
"Hey look at Rachel! She looks great!"
"Yea, and I heard recently she's jablexican."
"Wow.. not everyday you see a jablexican.

"Dude, chill!"
"I can't man, I'm jablexican... I can't help it."
by byebyebanana April 26, 2009

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