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"Can I get you a drink?" "I'll have a squashed strawberry alleycat." "I'm not sure what that is" 'It's simple, it's 12 fresh strawberries sliced, 3 ounces of dark rum, a splash of creme de..."
a squashed strawberry alley cat is 12 large strawberries, chopped. 3 ounces dark rum, a splash of creme de menthe. 1 ounce of suger. a thimble of grape pucker. a soupcon of cinammon. a touch of rupleminze. a klaxon of pineapple sauce. a grimace of red wine. Garnish with a muskmelon wedge, a hyacynthe petal, a childs laughter, and a tampon.
by butterballs October 11, 2008
One of the two important holes on a chick.
"excuse me, but may I drain my nutsack in your stinkpouch, Madam Senator?"
by Butterballs October 12, 2005
The exact tip of a hot chix erect nipple.
"Damn, in that tight shirt I can see her Shamplebazzers!"
by Butterballs October 08, 2005
either an insult, or just a funny thing to say to or about someone else.
"that fuckin' loser eats the rag!"
by Butterballs May 19, 2006
To give a bitch the cold shoulder when she wants some booty. Usually to get her back for something, or just for fun.
She was beggin' for it last night, so it was fun to rebuke the frost pie and watch her squirm.
by Butterballs May 19, 2006
Someone who sux in a big way.
"Damn, that dude is one frosty manpoopshake"
by Butterballs October 08, 2005

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