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too fukn funny
by Bungle July 03, 2003
Someone sexually unattractive, with dirty toes and orifices, found near the Civic Centre, Dagenham.
One wouldn't want to give the offender the pleasure of being named.
by Bungle December 02, 2003
Describing a fear of displaying images of ones self.
That guy is totally tchiaz.
by bungle July 09, 2003
damn sexy mans
has an irritating habit of picking up hoboes for oral sex in bus station toilets though
by bungle March 27, 2003

Originating in Worcester, MA by accidentally mixing two sayings together. The word cake replaced the insult, Asshole.

"You're a cake!" is the equivalent of saying "You're an asshole!"
"You're a cake!" is the equivalent of saying "You're an asshole!"

"I'm such a cake." would obviously be "I'm such an asshole."
by Bungle July 06, 2004
Be Back Tomorrow (similar to bbs or bba)
i'll bbt
by Bungle July 03, 2004
another way of saying damnit or crap
agg, i hate it when that happens
by Bungle July 03, 2004

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