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Arabic in nature, Arab-like, Middle Eastern, Like an Arab, Mediterranean
This Rabbish restaurant has the best shwarma in the whole city.
That guy with the gold chains on his neck, is King Rabbish.
by buggerritt December 15, 2008
Someone who doesn't return calls after saying they will and/or doesn't answer the phone when you know they are able to.

The verbs for this act is "Phone Suck" and "phone sucking".
I haven't been able to give Dona the directions because she won't answer the phone. She is such a phone sucker!

Teresa has been phone sucking for months. Does anybody know if she's still alive?
by buggerritt March 31, 2012
when people get angry about a text that was misunderstood. This usually happens when the texter forgets that sarcasm and charming voices do not carry well via text. The textee then feels that anger or ill will has been presented and lashes out against the unsuspecting sender of the original text. Friendships have been severed and spouses have been murdered due to such trivial matters. It's amazing we are all still alive to read this bit of nonsense.
Upon reading and misunderstanding his wife's text, he fell into a fit of text rage, throwing his cell phone across the room and watching it smash into pieces.
by buggerritt October 25, 2012
a beautiful, mystic, goddess who delivers joy, love, laughter, creativity, and sexual energy
I was touched by Lebbit and had an instant orgasm followed by a bout of uncontrollable laughter.
by buggerritt November 20, 2009

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