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verb. relating to chinese buffets, when one consumes large quantities of food (often seafood) and then proceeds to throw up back into the buffet car.
"if you eat that king prawn fried rice, i bet you'll crab"
"mate you better not crab, that would be properly sick."
by buffetmaster March 01, 2009
noun - relating to chinese buffets, the charge that an individual is hit with if they crab. in upper class buffets, this may require one to remortgage their house.
"mate u better spoon and dispose real quick before they see that, otherwise there's gonna be a proper massive crabbing charge"
by buffetmaster March 02, 2009
adjective - relating to consuming excessive amounts of room service, shelling out is essentially the equivalent of crabbing or lobstering in the context of a chinese buffet. shelling out is particularly embarrassing if exectued at the hotel poolside
"shall i call room service again or are you about to shell out?"
by buffetmaster March 01, 2009
verb - relating to chinese buffets, the act of throwing up after eating the (often low quality) dessert. chunder usually looks like "squid-like" due to the disproportionately high ratios of jelly and ice cream offered.
"now that you haven't crabbed, we can hit the dessert car, but u better not squid again"
by buffetmaster March 01, 2009

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