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a state of intoxication usually from using marijuana. To be extremely high.
Dick Cheney: So what'd you do on Saturday?
George Bush: I smoked some amazing bud and got ripped off my ass when I was supposed to be helping Jenna with her homework.
by budd April 24, 2005
When you blow a 4 game lead in the playoffs.
In the 2004 playoffs the New York Yankees choked big time, and the Boston Red Sox moved on to win the World Series.
by Budd April 11, 2005
A player who is on the New York Yankee$ who wears purple lipstick during every baseball game he plays, and likes to slap balls out of peoples hand.
Slappy McPurple Lips likes to slap balls because thats the only way they can beat the Red Sox.
by Budd April 11, 2005
Funny Way
of saying shit
in this house we say bull-shmate
by budd September 06, 2003
The best pitcher in the world who helped the Boston Red Sox win their first World Series in 86 years.
Despite having a bad ankle Curt Schilling helped the Red Sox make one of the best comebacks ever!
by Budd April 11, 2005
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