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Rajj - to play an instrument. Particularly concerning guitarists.
Origins uknown - commonly used by those suffering from an imagination esp. artists and musicians.
H'yo, mind if I have a rajj on your guitar?
He's been rajjin' away on that thing for ages!
by Buck March 14, 2005
Urban bastardization of Jeff or Geoff. Also called Jebbadiah, Jebb Jebbovich, Jebbazulu, and Jebbasaki.

One with a penschant for asian girls and anime.

Party animal and all around Technomancer who drives a ground-thumping beatbox of electronic sounds.

Probably the only person that keeps Tric from killing himself.
Jebb: "I do drugs from time to time, but I hasn't affected my schools yet. Crap..."

Jebb: "Let's smoke up and watch Passion of the Christ!"
by Buck May 30, 2004
The best place to skate.
"That guy totally shreds in a pool!"
by Buck October 07, 2004
1.) A female psychological disorder directly related to too much exposure to horse shit like "The View" "Oprah" and wing-nut societal archetypes that feel women must have children to be "complete."
2.) Yet another absurd ploy utilized by women to get men to marry them before their asses get too old - men are SO attracted to desperation. LOL
"I need to know where this relationship is going because I'm 26 and my biological clock is ticking!"
Translation -
"I need to know if we're getting married because I am sick of giving BJ's and I'm ready to over eat like my married friends do!"
by Buck June 20, 2004
Durst is definitely a putz.
We are in agreeance that Durst is a douche bag.
by Buck September 23, 2003
The most American and least distinct of all 50 states, for better and for worse. A bit of everything from city, farm, suburb, decaying industry, new industry, colleges, malls, liberals, conservatives, etc. means that we have nothing that makes us really stand out. (Contrary to the POV of the person here who has some weird bitter vendetta about a car accident...if only we had a rep like Boston for bad drivers, at least that would be distinctive, but in reality we don't.) By the way, none of y'all can pronounce it right, which makes me think everyone here either just drove through once, or never got south of Akron or west of Athens.
Nothing says "generic" like "Ohio."
by buck December 07, 2003
Someone who would never dream of saying

Surf's up!

Someone who may say:

Hey, how are you
Thats awesome!
I think there are some waves coming

We ride boards on waves. Simple as that. Anything outside of that is not directly linked to surfing. That means we do not necessarily say Radical, have long hair (dreadlocks or not), or smoke ganga.
I am a surfer.
by Buck November 28, 2003
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