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A good Scottish word that describes either an act of great risk and danger, or a person who commits such acts. Pronounced: Radge
1. "That was rajj!"
2. "That boys a wee rajj!"
#mental #rajj #scottish #risk #danger
by Neil Paterson August 23, 2006
To talk either with absolute clarity concerning phylosophical matters, or to explain something in explicit detail. But in the end, not having any real connection with the 'real' world.
Unknown origins - common usage found in more intellectual stoners dialect.
I could rajj for hours, contemplating/explaining my perspective of this existence known as life.
Dude, you've been rajjin' for fah'kin ages!
by Buck March 14, 2005
Rajj - to play an instrument. Particularly concerning guitarists.
Origins uknown - commonly used by those suffering from an imagination esp. artists and musicians.
H'yo, mind if I have a rajj on your guitar?
He's been rajjin' away on that thing for ages!
by Buck March 14, 2005
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