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(pronounced: for-kwa-pee) The name of the number before infinity. Can be mathematically written as follows: (infinity - 1)
Soon the government will be giving fourquappi dollar bailouts.

Go to your room and count to fourquappi, and then you can come out!
by bubu82 April 29, 2009
An item that needs to be scanned onto the computer.
Here is another scanable for you to email to the boss.
by bubu82 April 29, 2009
Slang combination of soy sauce into one quick and easy word.
Can you pass me some soyce for my eggroll?
by bubu82 April 29, 2009
An animal or human exhibiting donkey-like qualities that include: a sturdy framed body, a large head, awkward/graceless movements, and the personality traits of innocence and loyalty, most likely due to having a low-functioning and/or small brain.
The character of Donk from the movie "Crocodile Dundee" was a real donker.

My bull terrier, Ike, is such a donker.
by bubu82 April 29, 2009

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