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16 definitions by bubbles

The best website ever! Has the best comic teen girl squad there
It's Dot Com!
by Bubbles December 26, 2004
A female version of Toad from Mario. She's pink, shweet, cute and has two braids.
mushroompinkigurlinifty... damnit! examples of wut??? just lemme press send!!!
by bubbles April 07, 2005
An individual who loves penis, especially in the ass. Much like a boat lock, which can hold a large amount of boats, a dick lock can hold many dicks and loves doing so.
Dont be such a dick lock

Frigg off dick lock, I'm not your type
by Bubbles August 04, 2004
a person who directs during a movie/play or any production.
the director called "cut!"
by bubbles November 05, 2003
An expression of joy/disbelieve/happiness/saddness an all round adjective
shamone mother fucker eeh hee, check my bad self
by Bubbles December 08, 2003
A fajita with marijuana in it.
Hold on there Steve French and we'll have some weedhitas for ya.
by Bubbles June 04, 2004
Term used to desrcibe head. Insted of blow job (which has no blowing, and indicates "job" as somthing not fun), it is replaced with "Happy Suck Fun"
The bitch came over last night and there was some Happy Suck Fun going on.
by Bubbles January 11, 2004