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Phrase to describe a showy and seemingly elegant woman who in reality is vulgar and sexually immoral.
See her, don't be fooled, she's all fur coat and no knickers.
by brigante November 11, 2005
British term to refer to a woman who has pretensions to be of high station but who in reality is anything but.
Here comes Lady Muck now.
by brigante November 11, 2005
Oxygen thief who is ugly, brattish and has no talent. Owes everything to her father.
Phone animal welfare I can hear a cat being torutured! No wait....Kelly Osbourne has just come on the telly.
by Brigante June 13, 2005
Money making SCAM of a TV show that supposedly investigates paranormal activity but infact consists of nothing more then endless screaming, specs of dust cunningly termed "orbs" and a fake medium with questionable taste in jewellery and hair.
Oh look, Living TV have 8 hours of Most Haunted on tonight.
by Brigante June 21, 2005
A phrase that reoccurs repeatly everytime Motorola want to bombard me with the message to buy one of their crap phones.
Later on ITV, the news. Next, the "Hello fucking Moto" movie premiere.
by Brigante June 21, 2005
A delicious minty biscuit available in the UK. Fondly remembered for its hilarious TV adverts from years ago where actors with dodgy Russian accents played aristocrats bewailing their lack of them.
I vant.....I vant.....A Viscount.
by Brigante June 11, 2005
A dreary rain sodden swamp with delusions of grandeur. Amongst its highlights are a sprawling urban vista devoid of life and character, compulsary sheep shagging and yobbo bands like Oasis who spend all their time snorting coke and thus haven't turned out a good album in 10 years. Its people get off on belittling its near neighbour Liverpool as crime ridden and poor, even though it has higher crime and sky high poverty itself. When not endlessly telling itself it is "world famous" (though for what remains a mystery to most) its people attend matches at its premier league football club Manchester Utd - where ticket prices are set to double due to their greedy avaristic new owner, who they entirely deserve for being a bunch of glory seeking gormless twats. Famous Manchunians have included the Beegees, Reg Holdsworth and the worlds worst serial killer, Harold Shipman.
World famous?

Only a handful of definitions on here.
by Brigante June 11, 2005
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