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A teenager/young adult, often a highschool dropout, whom associates with the "bad crowd" and smokes/inhales and sometimes deals drugs of any type.
"I don't want to attend that party, it will be full of gritters"

"I ended our friendship after he became a gritter"
by StaceyT September 29, 2005
San Diego slang for cigarette. During its evolution, cigarette became "garette," garette became "grit," and grit became "gritter." Can be pronounced either grit-er or grit-ah.
(1) After a good meal, it's time for a gritter.

(2) "Dude, can I bum a gritter off you?"
by Brick July 31, 2003
White trash kids. Usually dirty and running through Wal-Mart unattended.
"You're little gritter, Dakota, bit my dog."
by Coop May 16, 2003
One who fornicates with another, fully aware that they will soon be moving away to be with their girlfriend/boyfriend.
I hate being such a gritter, but he's so good in bed!
by Dr Bary November 19, 2011
A sexual act where a man/women place a finger in the bum and a finger in the vagina and rubs the wall between the two fingers.
I grittered a girl last nite
by babermiester June 29, 2010
English ryhming slang; council gritter= up the sh*tter!!!
she has been well and truly done in the gritter!!!
by justin January 26, 2004
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