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A phrase used to reprimand someone who intrudes on your business while you are A)in a conversation or B)eating.
Mr. Stevenson: Tasha, can I trouble you to please gossip on your own time, and not in my class?

Tasha: Mr. Stevenson, can I trouble you to please get out of my mouth?
by Brent January 30, 2005
An action or activity occuring during a moment of utter and unexplainable confusion.
During a recent choment, Bill acted just like Mikey on American Chopper.
by Brent January 12, 2004
Probably a male homosexual, but not necessarily. A queer-bait is someone who is always on homosexuals' "GAYDAR".
Dude! I can't believe your going out dressed like that! You look like (a) queer-bait.
by Brent October 19, 2003
Shorthand for "Put it in her pooper." Refers to the will to stick your dick up a girl's ass and bang the living hell out of her.
"Dude Matt...just PIIHP and run away fast. She'll never know what hit her."
by Brent September 09, 2005
A name used commonly to point out someone in general when you can't remember their fucking first name.
"Hey Brooke, why are you still with Thugbert anyway? He's just a horny little goatfucker."
by Brent January 31, 2005
a bird whose so loose that u have to perform a circular motion to touch the sides
damn shes had so much in her shes a washing machine
by brent April 04, 2003
vt: to put on skin cream
That girl asked me to bekham up her legs.
by brent April 18, 2005

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