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A slang term used to decribe a canadian $10 bill, due to it's purple color.
"Dude, could you spot me a purple fuck? I'm a bit short of the ticket price."
by Brent November 18, 2003
a small haunted area(town) in Central Indiana where teenagers often drive around to get scared and have fun. It is in the middle of nowhere
small town in rural Indiana
by Brent September 07, 2004
A persondescribed as manifesting paranoia and delusions of persecution. Also used for a person considered violent and/or creepy. Origin of word believed to be alternative site chatrooms.

Verb variant is "Maced". used to describe long meandering postings demonstrating the above characteristics.
The individual that posts a 30 line message about gay space aliens plotting to take over the earth and how the aliens are plotting with government officials to destroy him is called a Mace. The post is referred to as "Oh the forum was Maced".
by Brent March 07, 2005
When You Have Anal Sex And Her Ass His So Looser Your Balls Become Engulfed In Poop.
I Was Ass Fucking This Ho And Got Mad Shitballs.
by Brent March 31, 2005
(n) A substance found in the human body that determines how close one is to becoming Jesus.
The bear scared Bejesus out of us
by Brent February 17, 2004
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