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A Male version of the females "queef"
oh snap!robert just mweefed and it stinks!..
robert says,"ouch,that hurt!"
by Brent February 18, 2005
A traditional mexican food. The recepie:

A. Get a burrito. With fri joles and rice and cheese.
B. Get a blender.
C. Get milk.
D. Put burrito and milk in blender.
E. Put blender on the highest setting.
F. Drink the burrito juice. It will give you cancer.
Dude, try some of this burrito juice; it's awesome!
by Brent July 11, 2004
This is a reference book of neologisms such as "skrogify."
I yerped the Anagorism of Floopy Shmarmos the other bliggeny.
by Brent May 19, 2004
Commuter train that delivers commuters from the suburbs to the
"Im going into town tomorrow on the Loser Cruiser."
by Brent June 17, 2006
fat kid who has bad breath who throws good parties who paintballs and copies evrything brent does
your breath smells like nnuds
by Brent April 21, 2005
Crap in your hand and walk down a nice long hallway, smearing on the wall as you go.
You can bacon stripe your local subway station to find your way back.
by BRENT November 19, 2003
When a man takes a hockey stick and places it in his own anus, in order to recieve pleasure.
Jim took his hockey stick and stuck it up his ass.
by Brent March 12, 2005

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