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noun: Belongs to the same general family as the common Internet troll, poseur, forum whore, etc. Infrequently used as verb ("board warrioring").

1. Someone on a message board dedicated to a certain activity who spends almost all of his/her time posting on the board and very little of it (if any) actually participating in the activity in question.

2. Someone on a message board dedicated to a certain activity that would rather get on the board and argue with other people about who is better at the activity than actually do the activity and find out.

Board warriors are most commonly associated with computer game forums.
<rasputin> haa anyone ever seen sirbruce logged in?
<boog> Hell no, he's a total board warrior
by Brent August 31, 2004
"Sum ends" meaning, lend me some money.
Yo, homie. gimme sum ends. Ill hit ya back on the first my brotha. "Hey, my friend. Lend me some money. I'll give it back on my first paycheck"
by Brent September 14, 2003
used right before you drive off a cliff, fall into the water, and drown
Flargon Nutbutts, I'm drowning!
by Brent May 19, 2004
Acronym For A Popular Game On Starcraft Broodwar For Computer. Stands For Lord Of The Rings Saurons Deciet Special Edition.
Hey whats up man wanna go online and play some lotr sd se?
by Brent April 01, 2005
To take someone's log from a queue without permission. A term commonly used in the IT industry.
Give me back my log you stupid Marfilyer.
by Brent February 03, 2005
undercover police
fire it up, but watch out for 5 0
by brent April 10, 2004
tough, and or good looking
Damn, shes built like a brick shit house!
by Brent January 29, 2004

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