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Archaic term for the proper word: holodex.

Name for a man's pocket directory of (hopefully) promiscuous women (i.e. sorostitute).
Brandon: "Jon ol' pal, dost thou hath thy little black book?"
John: "Indeed, I've been carrying mine holodex for many a fortnight."
Brandon: "Jolly good!"
by Braxtron December 16, 2005
n. Acts of misadventure or playful mischief. Frequently involves Lemmiwinks, 1 beer, and Sharpies. May result in speeds in excess of 88mph and size 14s if a lamb's pit is involved. NOTE: Dropping a deuce on someone's porch is not to be ASSociated with shenanigans, but rather the filthy, dirty south.
Brian Shimek frequently time travels before, during, and after acts of shenanigans.
by Braxtron May 08, 2003
n. Name for a man's pocket directory of (hopefully) promiscuous women (i.e. big book o' sorostitutes). This piece of equipment can mean the difference between a lonely night in your hotel room watching "Not Without My Daughter" or several hours of romparoom with Jessica, the former VP of Membership of *insert your favority whorority here*.
Brandon: "Who do we know in Chicag-ho?"
John: "Let me consult my good friend, Mr. Holodex, he'll know who to call."
Brandon: "Thank you Mr. Holodex, you've saved the day once again!"
by braxtron December 21, 2005
n. Having your Honda Civic lowered to the ground to improve aerodynamics (i.e. look really dumb) so you can get better gas mileage driving to your job as Mc Donald's Hamburger Technician from your parents' house. Frequently accompanied by a gigantic, turd-shaped spoiler with no aerodynamic effect.
Man, that slammed Honda looks ghey. I hope the owner's mom doesn't know he saved up his allowance for 5 years to buy that lowering kit.
by Braxtron May 14, 2003
Another word for an act of folly. May happen after consuming mass quantities of alcohol, or simply by having defective genes.
Brian Shimek has regular misadventures that involve rooftops, manginas, and trips to the ER.
by Braxtron May 06, 2003
The third phase of cell division. Alternatively spelled, though incorrectly, as anaphase.
Wow! All that mitotic analphase is making me want your cock! (spoken by hot female TA)
by Braxtron May 08, 2003
n. 1. Name of a popular, (in)famous children's TV show in the 1980s. Its existence cannot be proven, since even the omniscient google knows nothing about it.

2. Playful & highly pleasurable intercourse. Preferrably with a slim blonde who has a great smile & big brains.
Gaston: (french accent) "Ungh hungh, would you like to head back to my house of love for some romparoom?"
Brunhelda: "I loved that show growing up!"
Gaston: (again, bad french accent) "Let us make some new episodes, my little daffodil root."
Brunhelda: "Take me to bed or lose me forever!"
by braxtron December 21, 2005

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