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being forever the romantic, picking a girl up and shagging them in the local park. in october. up the arse!
"Where's Booth?"
"He's boothing Rachael in Torky park."
by bradders October 30, 2003
being a total geek
"Who won the FA cup in 1912?"
"Dunno. Ask Statto, he knows everything"
by bradders October 30, 2003
(Otherwise known as Gross Turdman, Grey Hairman or Heat-a-Pantgerm.) This is a lanky bearded fish gobbling fart smelling pervert, who roams an area know locally as Toddingrad, stalking, leering and perving over unsuspecting girls, normally of non-British decent. Easily identifiable due to the constant scratching of the testical / rectum areas, and wearing odd shoes.
You are as perverted as a Girth Pervman you sick depraved wanker!
by Bradders October 28, 2003
you like to be a pokin yourself witha the needles, what can i say? He likes him some chocolate.

From crazy emo kids.
Im so emo im gonna go hypodermic on my own ass.
by Bradders August 29, 2004
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