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A non-derogatory term used to refer to a statistician
My database is FUCKED! Statto! any chance of a hand to fix it?
by Barelystanding December 18, 2004
Derogatory term used to refer to a bad poker player with delusions of talent. Often a play $$$ balla found selling play chips online. Lives at home with Mommy and lurks on poker and shoe fetish forums. Destined to be a leech on society eternally and die alone.
Where's my roll? Some Motherf#@kers stolen my bankroll.

That's rough man. What a Statto move.
by AK-47 Y'all June 05, 2009
being a total geek
"Who won the FA cup in 1912?"
"Dunno. Ask Statto, he knows everything"
by bradders October 30, 2003
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