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Newbie beggar typically seen on AOL Instant Messenger
You can't have my screenname, stop being such an errorz.
by bp December 22, 2004
an extremely stupid person; one who has cheese rather than grey matter in his head.
that kid sirko is such a fuckin cheddarhead, sometimes I just wanna bash his face into a brick wall 30 or 40 times.
by bp January 20, 2004

Acronym for...

Spanish for "she's not very pretty."
Used in place of "ugly woman" or "homely chick".
James Wilson hit that nemby last night. For real? Damn, she was nasty.
by bp June 24, 2004
Haircut. (Both men and women)
I just got my wig rocked at the barber shop, dawg!
by BP December 19, 2003
A hole of a place where only poofters and gayz live... every1 that lives there should be shot!!
J and A.... u know who u r.
by bp September 28, 2003
When you go to the bathroom (number two) and the shit that piles up and forms a mound above the water or formas an island.
I had way too much to drink last night and I feel like it is an islander morning.
by BP November 11, 2003
trickery done by a sneaky individual, particularly a libra
look at ronalds monkey-shine's
by BP August 05, 2004

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