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Breakfast cereal that Boomtrain the Benevolent consumes for his morning meal.

Rumored to be the source of all his power.
Andrew S.: "How do you get so awsome Boomtrain?"

Boomtrain: "Eat your vegetables, and take 6 Boombix in the morning"
by Boomtrain June 20, 2008
when a hater enjoys hatin' a little too much and is possibly aroused
All you assholes who didn't like Prometheus are just masturbHATING!
by boomtrain June 12, 2012
- An area of magical land competed for by duelmasters. Of whom Boomtrain is the most superior.

- Badass area of colourfull magic

- Rumored to be loosley based on Beachlands
"Let's settle this at the Forrest of Arden in rainbow land!"
by Boomtrain July 10, 2008
Alias of the benevolent Andrew "Boomtrain" Lawrence. The Sole Beachlander of worth or importance.

Better than Andrew Stratton
"All hail Boomtrain the benevolent, soon to be ruler of Rainbow Land!"
by Boomtrain July 10, 2008

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