5 definitions by booferama

big funky nasty pussy lips resembling chewed-up bologna!
i spread the curtains on that ho!
by booferama November 07, 2006
when someone with bad diahhrea blows mud all across the floor,carpet,patio,etc>
dude took a sideways shit all across my bathroom floor!
by booferama November 06, 2007
bogus fender vents(pronounced motah coolahs)that gimps and wanna-bees buy from auto zone and wal mart and stick on the fenders of cars,replicating the old buick portholes from back in the day usually seen on ghetto sleds and ragged-ass turdmobiles or fart cars for hood status!negrosis at it finest!
awww main-check out the motor coolers on dat box chevy!that's a grown-ass mane!that nicca got 8 motah coolahs on each fender!
by booferama October 15, 2008
motor coolers-pronounced"motuh coolahs",the cheesy-looking nigger pimpmobile accessory that you ain't got no hood status without!motuh coolahs are the stupid-looking stick on fender accents that you buy from wal-mart or auto zone that replicate old-school buick portholes in the front fenders,and every brotha wif nappy hair and gold teeth in the south MUST HAVE!ghetto-fabulous!
yo,mayne-check out dat crown vic wit da brains blowed out and da peanut-butter rag ridin' on dem grown-ass mayne shaq-feet twanky fo's!he got dem motah coolahs,too!yeah,nigga!homie ridin' clean!
by booferama September 08, 2008
standing in the way of a spray-fart
that homo just got an imperial stormtrooper-look at the mud on his tongue!
by booferama November 09, 2006

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