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when a person is extremely turned on.

a female's vagina becomes wet and she has the urge to hump someone/something. a male's penis becomes erect. meaning he gets a "boner" or a stiff penis that is longer and larger than usual.
Rachael awoke at noon. Nothing new, she'd been fired last week. It didn't matter anymore, she thought. She stretched as she made her way to the bathroom. She massaged her breasts and tried to make her nipples stand hard. They were bright pink, like pencil erasers. Satisfied, she thought she'd take a bath. She lit candles and climbed into the warm water. Once adjusted, her mind wandered. She recalled, in detail, the event that cost her a job.

She'd been sitting at her desk all morning, filing paperwork and going through resumes. She was tired and hot.. she could feel the beads of sweat forming between her breasts and thighs. Rick walked into her cubicle and teased her.

She liked him... many nights she'd masturbated in lust for him. Last night, she'd dreamt that they were making rough, beastly love in a hot air balloon.

Rick worked much faster than she did. Rick always stopped by to tease her while she worked. He loved the way she blushed and flirted when he stopped by. This time, instead of talking, she stared at him intensely and silently. She was clearly horny, undressing him with her eyes. Mesmerized, Rick walked to Rachael. Rachael and Rick sarted making out, and they were starting to get horny. Rachael's nipples became erect with lust, and Rick could see them through her white blouse, and Rachael saw that Rick had a boner. Rick caressed Rachael's breasts, while she opened his fly and let out his dick. Rachael got on her knees and gave Rick a really great blow job the best Rick had ever had. At first Rachael sucked gently, then faster and harder. She worked up and down the shaft, engulfing him completely. He combed her hair with his fingers, her thick red hair which he so loved. Unable to contain himself, Rick lifted Rachael up, and pushed her to her desk, undoing her skirt as she undid his shirt. Her shirt came off, as did his pants, Rick cleared the desk, put Rachael on the desk,and then started to have sex with Rachael. He was surprised at how wet and warm she was already, proud even. He shoved his penis deeper and deeper, ensuring that she felt his friction with every pulse. She moaned, softly, knowing they were not alone in the office. The fact turned her on. Rick nearly exploded, but pulled out just in time. He wouldn't stop there. He went harder, harder, faster, faster. She thought he was like an engine. He massaged her breast with one hand and her clit with the other. Her orgasms lubricated him, and she moaned loudly. She looked into his eyes moaning... "Ohhhhhh, oooooohh, oooooo harder, harder baby.. yeah thats it, i want to feel you deep inside.. aaaahhh, ahhhh thats it come on aaahhh". He didn't respond, but breathed heavily. He stopped for a second, and kneeled to eat her pussy out. It was sweet and warm.. pink. He tickled her clit with his tongue, and she cummed. It trickled to the black office carpet. When they were both exhausted and filled, they quickly dressed and got back to their cubicles, enchanted and possessed with dirty thoughts. A minute later, like clockwork, their boss, Bill, called them to his office over the intercom. It was a complete turnoff, but they made their way there. He turned on a TV monitor and replayed the entire sex incident, from start to end. Enraged, he said they were both to clean out their cubicles and leave the office, and they were fired. Rick left the office, in shock. But Bill asked Rachael to stay. He offered her a chance to stay, if she could pleasure him in the same way. The thought of his fat flesh on her made her sick, and she marched out, and left.

When she finished her bath, Rachael walked back to bed. Rick was just waking up. She took off her towel, and dripping with water, she saddled him. "Hey baby," he said. And she just looked silently into his eyes, and the fun began they had sex again and again. 5 years later Rachael and Rick got married and had more sex.
by bobthebuilder896 June 12, 2009

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