19 definitions by bob johnson

Clear evidence of a doom ho(u)se
Cop: Baggies; I've seen these before! Eyugayaheyui...this is evidence: evidence of...a DOOM HOUSE!!!
by Bob Johnson September 23, 2004
sexual harrasment
The boy grabbed the other boy who yelled, "Help!! Sexual Harrasment!!, R. Kelly!!!"
by Bob Johnson December 16, 2003
is when u put skittles in water and then when they've lost all they're color, you skit all over tham and give them to someone u hate
HAHAHA you just ate skittles!
by bob johnson February 25, 2005
"United Gay Sluts"
ugs rapes themselves up the ass and or cornhole.
by bob johnson May 02, 2003
slang word for niggers in "black hawk down" because they were really malnourished
Skinnies on the rooftop! Get the .50 cal!
by Bob Johnson March 18, 2005
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