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41 definitions by bob the builder

A movie trilogy in which the quality progressively sucks.
Dude...the first one rocked...but the other two, like, sucked.
by Bob the Builder November 15, 2003
7 10
a car that cst $5000 to by brand nw but cost almost $100,000 to make it even close to running 10 seconds
hey look that ricer got fucked p oh at least mine wont cost as much to fix
by bob the builder May 12, 2003
4 8
a woman/man whom attempts the understanding of makeup
-whats that thing with the lipstick on her eyes
- oh thats nailz
by bob the builder July 01, 2003
0 5
1.) The grundle monkey is a ravenous beast that hunts the gouch spider. See gouch spider for further explanations.

2.) Used to describe a compulsive lying monkey claiming to deserve three purple hearts, and a bag of poop. Slang for John Kerry.
1.) The grundle monkey is attacking!

2.) The grundle monkey is still attacking!
by Bob the Builder September 08, 2004
15 22
quite different from a regular homosexual, a "flamer" tends to be more aggressive and up front about his homosexuality
Man! J.D. is SO gay, he's a flaming homosexual
by bob the builder January 09, 2003
68 79
A fansubbing group of lazy pedos.
Located in IRC #animeone
by Bob the Builder January 04, 2004
14 29
self exlpanitory..
your momma is...umm ugly
by Bob The Builder August 03, 2003
6 21