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ā'trĭs (pronounced /eɪ trɪs/) is an American indie rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003 by Mason Taylor and Michael Kreher while they were attending Berklee College of Music together. The band currently consists of Mason Taylor (vocals and piano), Ben Azar (guitar), Nate Lueck (bass, background vocals, and guitar), and Travis Abel (drums) while performing live, although the live shows feature prominent synthesized elements programmed by Michael Kreher and Chuck Sokol. In the studio, both Kreher and Sokol perform many additional instrumental and occasional vocal parts in the process of arranging and producing the music for the recorded releases. These parts are typically the basis for the synthesized elements featured in the live setting.
Atris' music is "chardonnay and a fine brie." - Joel Simches (The Noise Magazine)
by atrisfan November 14, 2008
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Hot Jedi Master off kotor 2, supposedly last of the jedi. atris is hot O.o
by bob the builder December 17, 2004
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