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33 definitions by bob saget

fesh is grass
by bob saget March 23, 2003
A mitsubishi eclipse, but a little slower.
jed's car
by bob saget March 26, 2004
Bastard Wax. BoSox is a tard from a basses ass.
BoSox is half bastard, half wax.
by Bob Saget January 29, 2005
my dad darren clouser
darren is so riped what a pot head
by bob saget July 29, 2004
person from north of the bridge. a second class citizen of the U.S.. A canadian trapped on american soil.
Yoopers think they're american, but everybody in america hates them. which is why michigan is selling the u.p. to canada for a carton of cigarettes.
by Bob Saget February 14, 2005