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5 definitions by blinkingblythe

The part of a restraint system (seat belt, harness, etc) that goes between the legs. commonly refered to as a "croch strap".
When I went on the sky swing, the seatbelt included a nookser to keep me from sliding under it.
by BlinkingBlythe August 26, 2006
When someone you know for a very long time suddenly says
that they are going to move real far away, like Crapville
Arkansas even though you live in Seattle. Usualy causes great
hearache in the person who is left behind.

"That woman really dropped the distance bomb on that poor guy
saying that she is going to move halfway across the world

by blinkingblythe April 10, 2007
Nookser (newk ser): The part of a seat belt, harness, or other restraining device that goes in between the legs.
When we took a ride on the sky swing, there was a nookser that prevented us from slipping under the seat belt.
by BlinkingBlythe August 27, 2006
The common style of shirt collar worn by most people today.
It resembles a book that is opened.
"when I go to work, I have to wear a blouse with a book collar".
by blinkingblythe May 28, 2007
when someone you know or love suddenly says that they are going to move real far away. This is often a very heart wrenching experience for the one moving, but even more so for the one left behind
A man and a woman were close friends with eachother. Both live in Boston. One day, the woman says "I'm moving to Crapville, California, near Tijuana". the guy was very shocked and shaken at the news. When his friends talked about it the next day, one said tothe other "That chic really dropped the distance bomb on poor Sam last night."
by blinkingblythe April 09, 2007