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The term used to describe a brief encounter in an automobile with a willing participant. May be mutually exchanged or for cash.
Needing to be at home with his wife in an hour, the man opted to take his office lover to the backseat of his Kia for a short car date.
by blindswordzman August 23, 2005
A metaphoric phrase that represents a place or place in time where "abuse" has taken place. Mostly used in a comical manner to define a place of debauchery.
Welcome to the Abusement Park. Drugs are on the left, prostitutes on the right.
by blindswordzman January 04, 2007
Acronym for the popular baseball simulation game, Out of the Park (Baseball) put out by Sports Interactive.
I enjoy playing OOTP
by blindswordzman August 04, 2006
A large scale copulation event, an orgy.
It was so nice to see everyone banging the shit out of each other at the tri-state fuckstival this past weekend.
by blindswordzman May 02, 2008
A term used to describe a person who regurgitates information through social networks as if it were their own.
The regurgitoid kept reposting the breaking news story while issuing no credit to its original source
by blindswordzman February 28, 2011
A term used to describe the usage feces to wash one's hair.
The girl, wigged out so much on acid that she convinced herself that a shampoop would be a good idea.
by Blindswordzman March 04, 2009

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