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When you take a bottle of shampoo and stick it in your ass, squeeze as much of it into your rectum then blow it all over some bitches hair. Resulting in a mixture of shit, shampoo, and hair.
So you wanna come over and I'll give you a good ole fashioned Shampoop.
by Robo January 03, 2005
a girl named emma who claims she slipped in the shower and got a shampoo bottle stuck in her ass when in reality she put it up there on purpose for an orgasmic experience
Emma was showering and got lonely so she stuck a head & shoulders bottle up her ass thus performing the shampoop
by beeb0 August 21, 2006
To mischievously replace one's shampoo with feces.
What the fuck is in my hair?!

by Santa? June 23, 2010
When you take a crap, clean up, and then realize.. ugh, I guess I wasn't done after all. shit, wipe, repeat.
A: Dude, you OK? You were in there an hour.
D: Yeah, had a bad burrito for lunch. Had to shampoop 4 times!
by littlerabbit4 August 28, 2014
Blue liquid used to clean a toilet bowl. Can also be called, toilet bowl cleaner, but that's boring.
Boy: "Mommy, what is that stuff called that you are using to clean the toilet?"

Mom: "Umm, toilet bowl cleaner?"

Boy: No. I think it's called SHAMPOOP.
by momof4boys August 19, 2012
A term used to describe the usage feces to wash one's hair.
The girl, wigged out so much on acid that she convinced herself that a shampoop would be a good idea.
by Blindswordzman March 04, 2009

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