34 definitions by bleh

to squat
your ass perched on my shitter
by bleh January 11, 2004
A day in april or a time in a day when pot is to be smoked
hey man lets get high at 420..
by bleh May 29, 2003
According to the shed at school, 'TEMPO IS DEAD'.

I got blamed for that. Crap.
'Tempo is DEAD' - spraypainted on wall
by Bleh November 05, 2004
Use the flabber word in an example sentence
by Bleh September 08, 2003
It's a drink

It was made from a lot of random stoof and tasted good. Unless with milk...

It was thrown at cannon for no particular reason... well there was thought to have been a reason, but it was later established that it was without reason
"Dude make me a Shizen"
"Sure thing, Bitchman"

-Cannon sits there silently-
"WHAT??!!" *Charelle throws drink at him*

"Dude, what happened to this Shizen??"
"Shit, I put milk in it, shouldn't have done that! Is it crap?"
"Oh yes, it's crap."
by Bleh November 05, 2004
The largest collection of ignorant racists of the face of the earth.
Hitler would have liked Texas.
by bleh January 21, 2005

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