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The youngest of the brothers. He never gets attention because:
He's on the bottom of the keyboard, not the middle, like asdfgh and he doesn't spell out a word like his brother qwerty
but he is equally as important.
poor little zxcvbn never gets any attention : (
by bleeper-heads August 08, 2006
It originated in China way back when. And is currently played all over the world. There is several ways to play Mahjong, There's: American style, Hong Kong, and Chinese Official. Hong Kong is the pimpest of the three, and it's layed out like this -- Four people build four walls; two tiles high, 18 tiles accross. Then everyone roles to determine what wind they are. (East wind, South wind, West wind, and North wind.) When that is all taken care of, you get thirteen tiles (Unless you're east wind, than you get fourteen) If you are delt a season (or flower, as some people call them) you put it up and get a new tile from the wall. The names of the tiles are - Balls, Characters, Sticks, Winds, and Dragons. When everyone has their tiles East wind discards, if you have two of the tiles that East wind discarded you'd say, "pung" (Example: East wind discards a four balls, and West wind has 2 four balls in his/her hand, West says 'pung' and picks up East wind's discard and lays it out for everyone to see. {If you have three of a tile in your hand and someone discards another one, you say 'kong', put up your four tiles for everyone to see, and pick up a tile from the kong wall})or if south wind had a two tiles that would, with East wind's discard, make a three number sequence they could say "chow" (Example: East discards a two characters tile and South has a one character, and a three characters. South says 'Chow' and picks up East's discard and lays their chow out for everyone to see. Only the person that goes after you can Chow your tile, {I.E. only south can chow from east, only west can chow from south, only north can chow from west, only east can chow from north. you cannot chow a wind/dragon.}) if nobody has a tile that could make a pung.kong/or chow. The game continues in this pattern; someone discards, and their tile either gets kong'd, chow'd, or pung'd, until someone has four sets of three and a pair of tiles. Then that person says, 'Mahong' and they win. You play four rounds, as to let each person be East wind. And yeah.. There is a loooot more, but that is just the basis of the game. Sorry for any typos/not being able to understand any of it.
South wind - "Three won" (characters)
East wind - "Mahong!!"

Mahjong is the best game ever.
by bleeper-heads August 08, 2006
Locals (local teens that is) refer to Oakhurst as - Oakieville or Oakiehurst. Oakhurst is home to the Pizza Factory. It is micro in size. And has nothing to do. But, I'm damn proud to be from Oakhurst. A lot of people really don't appreciate the place until they move. If you're visiting Yosemite, Ca and have a hotel room in Oakhurst, walk around and listen to the grumpy teenagers say, "I hate Oakieville." I'd like to see what they say if they moved to Raymond, or some small town like that in the surrounding area. GEESH! Anyways.. Oakhurst is just below the famous Yosemite National Park and it is full of tourists all the time. Most of the people that live in Oakhurst are either senior citizens or stoned teens. It is beautiful, lush and green. It gets pretty hot in the summer, and extremely cold in the winter. A short drive from good skiing. ANd really has a lot more going for it than the people that live there think. It was listed as the fastest growing town in California a few years ago. And it is home to one of the best high schools in the state. The athletic department Pwns all the other schools in the state. And it's got some bright kids, though they're dumb at the same time.
Snotty teen: "Oakhurst is bank, foo. I wish I was back in Compton.."

Pimptastic Gangster: "Bitch please! Be happy to live in Oakhurst, hoe"

Oakhurst is off the heezy.
by bleeper-heads August 08, 2006

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