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To Mahong - To get high, so high in fact you are mong high, and henceforth mahonged.
1. John was so mahonged that he mistook the bench he was sitting on for his sister and began to hump it violently.


Oatey: Yer man, that's definately a zoot there...

Dmon: Oatey, I thought we were mahonging, not busting out glorified roll ups.

Oatey: I thought there was atleast 5 joints there...

Dmon: Your such a fanny oatey.

3. Steve was called a dirty mahonger by a man on the street. The thing was... Steve was soo mahonged he didn't even care. He was just mahonging about town... No need for trouble when your mahonged of your faces.

4. This is well mahongy bud.
by The Mahonger May 10, 2009