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5 definitions by blastersito

Mexican slang word that means money, cash... also you can use "feria" or "lana"..
Hey dude lend me 200 baro´s!!
by blastersito January 18, 2007
Mexican slang used in the city when somebody shots with a gun, (to a person or things..)
Hey mejor calmate o te voy a "plomear" puto!!
Hey better calm down or I´ll gun you faggot!!!
Esta noche ire a "plomear" el carro de ese marica!!!
This night I´ll gun the car of these faggot!!!
by blastersito January 19, 2007
Mexican slang for booty or ass
hey bro! look the big "booty" of that girl!!
hey hermano mira el gran "cachaflan" de esa chica!!
by blastersito February 02, 2007
Mexican word for a rude or bad guy...
C´mon, stop kicking his ass, dont be ¨rude¨ with the fool..
Vamos, deja de madrearlo no seas ¨gandalla¨ con el pendejo...
by blastersito January 18, 2007
Mexican word used for penis and testicles...
Hey bitch, lick ma frutas!!!
Hey perra, chupame las frutas!!!
by blastersito January 18, 2007