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blow job, oral sex
My husband asked me to wake him up with a skimmer.
by blahblahginger March 29, 2007
Internet meme. Protocol is "i'm in ur _____, _____ing ur _____." Started in 2006 on the game Counterstrike, when a player, asked where he was in game, responded "im in ur base killin ur d00dz." The meme gained a life of its own when attached to images of cats doing things. For example, an image of a cat peeking out from under the cushions of a sofa is tagged, "im in ur couch, steelin ur change." A google search for the words "cats" and "im in ur" will lead viewers to a page of such pictures of cats. To qualify as a variant of this meme, the word "your" must be spelled "ur" and other words should be spelled in gamer-speak.
"im in ur sammich, hiding ur meats"
"im in ur fridge, eating ur foodz"
by blahblahginger November 27, 2006
First defined on the TV show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," to "zhoozh" means to push up with flair.
"After you put on that jacket, zhoozh the sleeves up a bit for added pizazz."
by blahblahginger November 27, 2004
Slang phrase meaning "is that some;" usually paired with the name of an elusive video gamed called "Battletoads." When anyone posts an image of any video game, the response is "Iz dat sum Battletoads?" (see sample below).
"Iz dat sum Battletoads?"
"No, it's Halo 4."


"Iz dat sum original content on my Ebaums World?"
by blahblahginger November 27, 2007

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