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A female who is both emotionally and sexually attracted to other females. There are no sets of specific rules or requirements to being a lesbian, you do not have to wear boxer shorts, play football, or watch wrestling. You simply must have the capacity to be in love and sexually pleased by another female.

It is not a disease, it cannot by cured by a good hard boinking and to be frank, if you tried, most lesbians would gouge your eyes out.

And what about those women you see on the free porn-site previews? They aren't lesbians, they're just stupid women who need the cash and use their boobs to get it. That would be why they aren't looking lovingly into one another's eyes while they have their fun, in fact, they don't even notice each other, they're too busy sucking their fingers and staring at the camera.

And to all you religious people out there who say that homosexuality is against everything God stands for, let me remind you of a few little facts behind your religion. God doesn't make mistakes, especially not big mistakes that effect 10% of the world's population, so if a person is homosexual, they aren't going to hell. End of story.
Stupid male: You're a dyke, eh? How 'bout I rip off those boxers of yours and teach what it is to really be ****ed.

Lesbian: How about I rip your tiny weener out of your thong and feed it to my dog?
Porn-Girl: I'm sucking my finger to get it all wet for her! Honest!

Lesbian: ...Pathetic.
Homophobic religious freak: Damn ye to hell! Cast off your disgusting perversions and go toward the light!

Lesbian: Why don't you go toward the light? Y'know, on a freeway, towards a heavy goods vehicle?
by blacksummer_88 September 09, 2006

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