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The redneck style of eating Rice Crispies/Rice Crispy Treats. Usually includes rice crispies drenched in hot sauce and put in the microwave.
I'm hungry bitch, give me some hot damn crispies.
by blackknight76 February 19, 2005
A football player in the book/movie (based on a true story) Friday Night Lights.
Damn Booby Miles is back after that injury.
by blackknight76 February 19, 2005
A tasty fruit that grows in the forests of Guatemala, when eaten gives the guatemalan an urge to mow lawns for white wealthy americans in the state of connecticut
Jorge, one day you will be old enough to eat your first guapamelon and you will go mow lawns for the Cullinghams in Danbury.
by blackknight76 February 19, 2005
another word for condom,which is to prevent having babies
Wear a jimmy cap to have boring sex.
by blackknight76 February 19, 2005

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