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1. A kick-ass 1990 social commentary book detailing a typical football season for the Permian High School Panthers of Odessa, Texas.

2. A mediocre 2004 movie filled with factual errors, yet still loved for its "realism".

3. What? NBC hasn't filed for Chapter 11 yet?
1. My English teacher didn't let me read Friday Night Lights in high school because it was full of Boobie.

2. Hell no, I don't wanna watch Friday Night Lights. They left out half the damn book.

3. Congratulations, Friday Night Lights. You just saved a television network.
by Just say NOdessa March 09, 2009
While this is the name of a popular Hollywood movie starring Billy Bob Thornton about High School football in Texas, "Friday Night Lights" is a term that can also be used to describe the weekly Jewish event, Shabbat, since as every good Jew knows Shabbat includes the act of lighting two candles.
Friday Night Lights starts at sundown!
by Todd April 05, 2006
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