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3 definitions by bknyc

Midwood is a neighborhood in the south central part of Brooklyn, New York, about halfway between Prospect Park and Coney Island. It borders neighborhoods like, East Flatbush, Marine Park Sheepshead Bay and Bensonhurst. Over the past twenty years it has turned from an Italian/Irish to a mostly Russian and orthodox Jewish area.
Growing up my block in Midwood was all Americans and now its all Jews ans Russians.
by bknyc August 02, 2007
33 6
10 milliliters of liquid ketamine. Usually comes in a vial.
I copped an American Yellow lick for $60.
by bknyc December 03, 2006
80 57
to kill yourself;to commit suicide
if they hit me with life I gonna hang up.
by bknyc December 03, 2006
29 74