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6 definitions by bitchy

a gay guy, because they fuck each other's butts
Connor is such a buttfucker, He fucked his gay friend Karl!
by bitchy October 12, 2003
108 51
Boobs. Breast.
Her gozangas were so good, dude.
by bitchy January 01, 2004
58 15
an awesome punk band.
The suicide machines sing about how stupid our government is!
by bitchy October 12, 2003
49 14
Mo' money or extra funds. The means to pay or be paid.
He got his bling fundage from whoring his bitches out.
by Bitchy February 25, 2005
17 6
the ugliest of the ugly, pug added to fugly, which means fucking ugly, because pugs are ugly.
he was really pugfugly!
by bitchy October 11, 2003
10 13
a dong.
I heard Connor's dizzle is way small!
Kelsey likes to suck Connor's baby dizzle!
by bitchy October 11, 2003
3 19