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8 definitions by biscuit

Disfunctional beyond repair
Darius' Nalgee was not broken.
by Biscuit January 18, 2005
41 28
If somebody says something stupid, to emphasise the fact that they are a dumb fuck, you say "Mc Mer"...over the years such variations as "Mc Meeel" have surfaced.
date: february 6th
person 1: the swimming carnival is on october 12th, thats in two weeks
everyone"Mc Mer"
by Biscuit February 10, 2005
10 3
ambiguously ethnic. >originated from the bay.<
"that fool is straight marks-block"
by biscuit January 28, 2005
1 0
1) spending 2) wasting 3) buying useless shit
dat ho's been spizzin all my benjamins
by biscuit January 30, 2003
2 1
An explorer of jugs
Everybody wants to be a jugganought, even girls.
by biscuit December 14, 2004
9 18
soft and fluffy person. Also a prision term for a bitch.
Shut up biscuit
by Biscuit April 01, 2004
7 18
It is a form of intercourse but only happens between a bokkie and a boytjie other family members are welcome to join in the pomping session
Hey I was pomping my bokkie this weekend
by Biscuit December 06, 2004
20 56