16 definitions by bird

someone that is really awesome.
"Genabird rules at life!"
by BIRD December 21, 2004
Something/someone that is very special in it's own way
Bec is a very speshial person
by Bird March 14, 2005
derivative of pleasure beach

A girl who is alot of fun, a cheap ride, but you only go there once in the summer when you've been on an all day bender with tha boys
see ya later boys i'm off to the pleasure beeotch
by bird October 13, 2004
it means everything
Gimme that djwuusthes
by Bird April 06, 2003
ex. cqweamy dreamy, cqweam djwuusthes
by bird April 08, 2003
Someone who really shits you.
You are one hell of a poofter bitch
by Bird March 17, 2005
1.(v)To go postal on someone's ass.
1.I'm bout to get krunk on John if he doesn't stop being annoying.
by Bird April 05, 2004

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