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A sexual fetish for air dispelled from the vagina. Rhymes with "leaf lettuce." (Proper use is in restaurant work).
Chef: Hey get me a head of leaf lettuce!
Dishwasher: Queef fetish?
Chef: What the fuck?
by bingy9 April 08, 2010
An adjective normally used negatively to describe a person, place or thing that doesn't please you. This is in reference to enormous dick veins.
Person 1: Hey, did you watch So You Think You Can Dance last night?
Person 2: Dude, that show is so veiny!
by bingy9 April 08, 2010
adj. Very neatly organized so that all parts fit together perfectly. Symmetry is generally a requisite for knimness, but not necessarily.
You did a great job packing the car. It's very knim.
by bingy9 April 10, 2010

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