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Used to describe something that has no value, doesn't taste good, doesn't look good, doesn't work and is inferior.
"Have you heard the new XYZ CD?" Matt asked Janine.
"Yup. Sucks. I wouldn't use it to hit a dog on the ass." Janine replied.
by bingo lingo August 29, 2010
The celebatory date that you got a much anticipated severence package from a job you hated or were planning to leave anyway.
"I thought I'd pick up some champagne and a cigar to celebrate my Caniversary - one year ago today!" said Terry.
"Screw You- I still can't believe you got 18 months salary to leave that piece of crap job especially when you were going to quit anyway!" said Larry.
by bingo lingo January 24, 2010
The extra five pounds that the camera adds to photographs.
Robin picks up Brittany's graduation picture and says "Wow! You look like you were a little chunkier back then. When did you lose weight?"

"I think it was my outfit and uh well, you know - camera fat."
by bingo lingo December 15, 2009
Shortly after planting tomatoes in the urban garden in your backyard, patio, balconey, hydroponic or inverted planter, you notice that everyone else's tomato plants are taller, leafier, greener and possessing more and bigger tomatoes than your plants.
"How are your tomato plants coming along?" Zeke asked Dana.
"They suck! I have serious tomato-envy because Rhoda planted her's TWO WEEKS after I did and she already has tomatoes! I have one measly little green one!" Dana replied.
by bingo lingo May 12, 2010
A snack food created when you are either out of tostados or it is Passover whereby a matzoh cracker is used instead of the chips and covered with cheese and jalapenos.
"Wow-that looks good. What is it?" Jane asked.
"It's a matzo-nacho. My Mom cleared the house for Passover yesterday and this is all we have." replied Rachel.
"Hmmm - I think I'd make one of those even if it wasn't Passover." said Jane.
by bingo lingo January 22, 2010
To pass a backed-up left turn lane and going down to the next clear left turn opportunity and then, making a U-turn back to your intended destination. Usually, this maneuver is so advantageous that you can wave at all the people still waiting to turn as you pass them.
"Hey, what gives? I thought we were stopping at Ziggies Deli before the movie - you just passed it!" said Jane as she pointed toward the deli.
"Didn't you see that big jammed up turn lane? I'm going down here to U-It." replied Sandra as she u-turned.
"Good idea! Hey look - same people waiting." laughed Jane as she waved to all the people.
by bingo lingo December 29, 2009
A person, usually a female, who considers herself deserving of only the finest things in life - especially in food and drink.
"Hey Jack - you still seeing that hot chick, Marcie?" asked William.
"Yeah - but I don't know how long my bank account can hold out. Last night, she ordered a $250 dollar a bottle wine and that was on top of the appetizer and filet mignon." replied Patrick.
"Uh-Oh - a fancy feaster, huh" said William.
by bingo lingo January 23, 2010

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