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This is like a pregnancy, only with a poop. It's where you feel bloated and you know a huge stinky turd is brewin' in your large intestine.
Honey, I think I'm Poopgnant
I took the poopgnancy test and... I'm Poopgnant
I ate enough to become Poopgnant
by Billybobpete August 16, 2009
A gigantic group of friends that someone builds up on facebook. The person who collects the friends is referred to as the fremperor.
I am trying to build up a frempire on facebook to fulfill my dream of becoming a fremperor.

That guy has the biggest frempire I've ever seen!
by Billybobpete May 23, 2010
The state you feel a huge poop is brewing in your large intestine. It's like pregnancy, only with poop.
Honey, I think I'm Poopnant.
I took the poopnancy test. And... I'm Poopnant.
I ate too much food. Now I feel Poopnant.
by Billybobpete August 15, 2009
Where you make a really hot n' juicy fart. You then feel a wet substance on you butt, only to later realize you splattered crap all over your underpants.
Dude, I think I just made a Splatart.

I embarrassed myself in front of my family by making a Splatart at the dinner table.
by Billybobpete August 16, 2009
An unusually crunchy, salty bugger that tastes somewhat like chewy popcorn. Snotcorn typically needs to age a bit to reach the right consistency.
I was digging for gold, and found some snotcorn.

I like snotcorn because it is sugar-free but mucus-full.

Dude, when we go to the movies, would you like some candy and popcorn? No thanks, I haven't blown my nose yet today, and I think I'll be eating some snotcorn.
by billybobpete August 16, 2009
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