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Instead of paying your share of the restaurant bill you bum more money from your dinner companions. Similar to greek exit
He took the spanish exit and used the money to buy more booze.
by billthecat June 13, 2012
What happens when you can't use your BlackBerry to send email because of a Research in Motion network outage.
Sorry you didn't hear from me but there's a blackberryout.
by billthecat December 23, 2009
A term used for Catholics because when they take communion they kneel before the priest, nibble on the consecrated host and then gulp down his juices.
When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper took communion at his first Catholic mass he decided to pocket his wafer instead of eating it because being a Evangelical Christian he didn't want to appear be a wafer muncher.
by billthecat July 30, 2009
A finnish style of pancake that is much skinnier than traditional pancakes.
A finnish pancake is thought to be so thin because the finns are so frugal they use very little pancake batter to make pancakes.
by billthecat November 15, 2008
A far right white supremacist who hides their anti-semitism by criticizing the Israel occupation of Palestinians. Unlike the related Nouveau Anti-Semite such people do politiocally incorrect things such as telling jokes about Black Americans. Also such people are barely intelligent enough to have graduated from high school let alone attend university.
A Faux Anti-Zionist is af ar bigger hypocrite than a Nouveau Anti-Semite.
by billthecat November 29, 2012
The act of spreading cold semi-hard butter on a pastry causing it to be squished.
The toast was butter raped!
by billthecat January 23, 2012
Official: "hydrolyzed vegetable protein"

Reality: "heaving vomit poison"

Food additive used for gourmet junk foods but prone to salmonella contamination.
HVP is the best thing to ever happen to the United States fight on obesity.
by billthecat March 08, 2010

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